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Ami's Summer in Scotland
Hello, I'm Ami from England.
It's been 8 months since I came to England. Time flies so fast that I year is very short.but I had such a good time in England learning a lot of things from everyone around me.Right now I am in a summer holiday, it will be almost finish. During this summer holiday, my dad and my brother visited England.

I had such a lovely time with my family. We went to Scotland for 3 days for sightseeings and meeting my dad's relatives. 
We went to Edinburgh castle and there were very big festival going there. It was called Fringe Festival,  the city was crowded with many people visiting.

I enjoyed very much and it was a  very good chance to come to Scotland.  Summer holiday in England is very long compared to Japan, so I thought what am I going to do for this 2 months. But I did many things such as surfing, going to computer school to learn the basics about the computers.  There aren't any wasteful things to do in here. I made a lot of friends from different nationalities. I'm absolutely delighted to  study in England.
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Misaki's Holiday - Part 1
I was gone to another holiday from 7/19 to 7/25 at Drumheller. We camped with tent trailer, and it was my first camp with trailer!  


7/19 - The way from Saskatoon to Drumheller was so long, probably we took 5 or 6 hours to get there. I was mainly sleeping or watching out of the window in the car. I saw lot of canola fields and deer. 


7/20 - After that, we went the Dinosaur Museum. There were some nice activities and T-Rex's robot. My brother tried finding gemstones and dinosaur digging , and I tried rock climbing. My brother looked he had fun, and I had fun climbing too. However i got scared at first, I screamed a bit  


7/21 - On the way, we visited a shop, and guess what! That shop got Japanese candies a lot!!! I asked the owner in the shop about why she got those candies. She told me her daughter can read Japanese, and she got Japanese exchange student. I was very happy to listen to that, and I bought one puccho, two green tea pockys, and one green tea candy. I love green tea, so I was really happy♥

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With heavy suitcases and smiles on their faces, the 2L students from Australia have returned! Students from Sydney came back through Okayama International Airport at 8:30 Sunday night.  The students from Gold Coast returned earlier in the week from Osaka.

Parents were happy to see their children again after one year and I am sure that the students were excited to sleep in their own beds again and have a home-cooked meal from their mothers!

Everybody seemed tired, so Take-sensei and I made a quick speech and let them go back home to enjoy the time with their families.  School starts Thursday morning at 8 AM, so we'll let them take it easy until then!  Welcome back, 2L!  

Mr. Sterling

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Yukiko in Adelaide

Hello how are you? I'm Yukiko.
I've been studying abroad on the Gold Coast as an exchange student now.
Tami is my great agent.

Well, I'll tell you about my incredible trip today
I've been to Adelaide since 21th of September to 25th of September.
It was a first week of my school holiday.
I went there for seeing a friend who came my house in Japan from Adelaide last year as an exchange student.
こんにちは、Gold Coast に留学中のユキコです。

Next two days, I went to the zoo, beach and shopping.
I saw a white kangaroo for the first time and also Laurence(friend's father) said they are rare!

 I held a koala for free.
It was softer than I expected.
I have more things to want to tell you but it will be long so that's it! 

 私、日本では、1人でコンビニにも行けないような人だったんですが、(本当です) 今は、行けるようになった気がします。


Thank you for reading such a long journal.

See you :) 

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ゴールドコーストから 〜そういちろう〜
This time I'll tell you about my soccer team. I have practice from 6:30pm to 8:00pm every Monday and Wednesday. I speak a lot with my teammates during the practice. They are very kind so it is really fun for me.

I have games on Fridays but it starts at night so I always go back home late. Fortunately, the next of Friday is Saturday so I can have enogh time for rest. My team is not stronger than other teams so
we lose a game usually!  I enjoy every game and it's exciting so I really want to win!!  Anyway, I'm having a great time in the team!!

by So

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ゴールドコーストから 〜ゆきこ〜
Hello how are you? I'm Yukiko. I'm on the Gold Coast now. I have been here since six months ago. It means I'll go back Japan four months later. My goodness...

Time has gone very fast.  I have experienced lots of amazing things which was immeasurable in here.  Fortunately, my host family is kind and active so they always took me to awesome places on weekends and holidays.  I don't have time to have a rest.  Well I was kidding but it is just like that!

For example, we went to the camp twice.  First camp were for 12days.  We went to the Read Rock.  There were beautiful sea, lake, park, bush... and so on. We did swimming and fishing everyday.  I caught five fish but they were small so I released them!  My host dad is good at fishing so he caught many fish.  We ate them.  It was yummy.  We stayed a cabin. It was like a house!!  There were a toilet, a TV, a shower and beds. See?  Like a house!!
We had dinner with many people putting some music on. That was fun time. 

Second camp was only for 4days but this time were harder than the first one because we were in the bush.  It was like survival...  We did the camp fire!!  I liked it!!  We surrounded the fire and talked a lot. They were crazy because they didn't stop talking from morning to middle of the night...haha

We also did the bush walk.  I thought "We'll walk around a lake.  Easy! Easy!"  NO.  I was WRONG.  It was just hard and steep.  It was like rock climbing. (I have never done it.)  But it didn't matter because I saw an awesome view which I had never seen ever.  I drank mountain's water (We just forgot to bring our water bottle.)  Oh, I still remember that next day of the bush walk was a school day... My leg had been sore for one week.  But it was not bad.

These things is just one of my great memories. 
I also did a speech with So, Hikaru and Kako. I also did a volunteer with Hikaru, Kako and So. I also went to their birthday party. Oh!! I noticed that my memories on GC is always with Kako, Hikaru and So!!  Wow I love them.  I proud of them. They are sometimes my rivals but as well as awesome friend.  I'm glad to come here with them and also I glad to see Tami and her family.  She always helped us and led us to the good way. Thank you so much guys.  I'm deeply grateful to you guys for your kindness. 

P.S Dear my family. 
I want to hug you and say love you.  My Aussie family is very good.  I think they are the best host family in the world.  But I want to do these things to you as soon as possible.  I love you so much and thank you.
And finally dear 1L
GOOD LUCK!  Do hug your parents.  Do kiss your parents.  Right now!!! 
I'm Yukiko!  Nice to meet you!!

See you later :D
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ゴールドコーストから ~ ひかる〜
 Hello, I'm Hikaru;) very long time no see~

It has been 6 months since I came to Australia.
Today I'm gonna tell you about my awesome life on the Gold Coast.

I have parents, a brother and a sister in my host family. They are all really nice and kind to me. I often play and talk with my host sister:)

And my host family has a big private pool in their house so I can swim there whenever I want!!♡

On my birthday~

At school, we have many events!!
Sports carnivals, plays by professional groups, workshop day by aboriginal people, charity events by students and so on!!!

I played hockey during last term!!!
Australian hockey is not played on ice! We play it on field.

Anyway, Gold Coast is fantastic and I do like here as well as my home town;)

I wish I could stay longer or live here!

(The view from my house is amazing everyday!!♡)

See you later~

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私は学校でEnglish, Math, Music, Food, Art, Web designのクラスを受けています。


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金曜日にSwimming Carnivalがありました。
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Aoiko gets an award in Australia!

Hello, everyone! I'm Amy.

Last week, I've finished my school life in Australia and went back to Japan this Monday.

Saint Stephens College has closed for holiday since 30th November afternoon but I had to go to there 30th evening because I had to attend Speech night. It's a kind of big awarding ceremony and I got an award for my effort! It's called ゛academic endeavor."

Only some people can get awards so I  was surprised and couldn't believe it when I heard about my award. Speech night was so existing and I will never forget that night!

皆さんこんにちは、2L の Amyです(〃ω〃)

セイント・スティーブンス・カレッジ は先週の金曜日の夕方に夏休みのために閉まってしまったんですが私は金曜日の夜に学校までスピーチ・ナイトという大きな授賞式に出るために学校へいかなければなりませんでした。

そうです、私、受賞しちゃったんです(笑)(*´∇`*) 私が受賞したのは アカデミック・エンデバーと呼ばれている沢山努力をした人へ贈られる賞です(つд;*)

私が受賞できると聞いたとき、全く信じられなかったし、本気でびっくりしました(笑)何故なら、スピーチ・ナイト で受賞できるのはほんの一学年で十数人から二十人弱だからです。いや、本当にびっくりした!(笑)



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