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They're HOME!

Hi This is Yukiko. I've been busy recently for studying. you know, we (Australia group) have come back here 1 month ago and we had a great time. HOWEVER, we missed something. Actually we missed someone. Who did we miss? 

Just guess!!! . . . C? A? ...N? A? ...D? A? Ye~~~~s.  That right. Exactly we missed Canada group.haha They've just come back 5 days ago and come school from yesterday. I was really really really excited and happy to see them because I missed them soooo much. 

Welcome back to 2L class. We were looking forward to seeing you all. By the way, now my seat is far from Canada group so I'm begging my teacher to change our seat as soon as possible. Hope my dream will come true soon. Haha

Hi!  This is Miki from 2L!!  So.... Canada group is home !!!!!! Is that

great, isn't it !??? We came back Japan on Saturday and we started school from Wednesday. We were so glad to meet friends and teachers for sure . For me, it was a little bit tough to listen Japanese in the Japanese class. lol But anyway.... We had a great life in Canada. And thank you for giving us opportunity to go there ! Hope we can share about Canada a lot and we also can learn about Australia. See ya !!!!!!;)

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