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Taiwan Trip Presentsation
Hello there. This is Soichiro. This time, I'll tell you about Taiwan excursion's lecture. We'll have it in March and we'll stay for five days. I'll participate in because it sounds really interesting and actually, I was more interested in Taiwan after the lecture. We learnt about Taiwan history ( e.g: relationsip between Japan), food and so on. Exactly it was really good time for us even won't join the excursion. I'm looking forward to going there!! See you again

こんにちは! 2Lの壮一郎です。 今回、私たち2Lは、先の台湾研修のための説明会に参加させていただきました。私を含めた2Lの過半数の生徒は、参加する予定になっています。森 理事長の台湾の歴史に関する講話や、小笠原先生の様々な台湾についての説明は私たちにとって、とても有意義なものとなりました。当日が待ち遠しいですね! それでは、また!

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UNICEF Charity Drive

こんにちは! 2Lの守時佳子です。

今日は岡山でユニセフの募金活動に参加しました。 フィリピンの台風の緊急募金ということでした。 私はイトーヨーカドーの前で募金活動をしていました。 今日はとっても寒くて大変でした

私は最初冊子を配っていたのですが、なかなかもらってもらうことは出来ません。 私だってもし活動をしていなかったら通り過ぎていたと思います。 冊子なんかもらっても邪魔になるし。 募金はしたいけど正直ちょっと恥ずかしいし。。。 でも自分が募金活動をしてからはその考えは変わりました。

募金をして下さる方、声をかけて下さる方が少しでもおられると すごくすごく嬉しくて、 「寒い中やっててよかったな。」と思えました。

募金活動をして、募金活動がどれだけ大変かということを実感しました。 だから私は 「もし次にどこかでティッシュとかを配っている人がいたらもらってあげよう。」 「もし次に募金活動をしている人を見かけたら少しでもいいから絶対入れてあげよう。」 と思うようになりました。

またこうして私たちが募金活動をすることで 少しでも多くの方を助けることが出来ればいいなあと思います。


明日は学校です! 学校は残り一週間です!!! 冬休みが楽しみです! 冬休みまで気合を入れて頑張ろうと思います!

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First Day Back at School

I'm Hikaru from 2L

Today, we 2L went to school for the first time after we came back to Japan.

First of all, we reported teachers that we came back safety & will do our best here at the teachers' meeting in the morning.

Then we all cleaned the front of 5号館 together. Though it had been very long time since we cleaned the front of 5号館 last time, we hadn't forgotten how to.

In period 2, We listened to 竹内先生 and learned many things from him. It was great to listened to him who has experienced a lot of things. We also listened to 武先生, 松本先生&スターリング先生.

I was so excited to see my friends who went to Sydney and had a really good time with them. I can't wait to see 1L&3L students as well:)

Thank u for reading and see you soon!


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MR. スターリングより - Classmate Introductions
 Hello everybody!  1L students have just finished their first month of classes and are excited for a long four-day weekend.  They have grown up a lot in only one month.  まず。。。リキは素晴らしい委員長になっています!!

Today the students introduced each other.  We are learning how to talk about ourselves and our classmates.  They did a great and are gaining more confident in speaking English in front of others.  

"This is my friend Mio.  She is beautiful and funny!"

"Misaki is from Hyogo.  She is cute and hard-working."

6th period the students made 漫才 team names: パンパーズです!!

すぎは:Double KF (KY じゃないよ!)

Excellent job everybody!  Keep working hard!

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Genki's Wonderful AUS Life #5


It's Genki, again!

I went camping because we have a small holiday called Easter.It's four days
from 4/29 to 3/1.

I got on a boat and canoe on the river.

I had never got on them so Those were my first get on them.Those were so fun!I thought I couldn't experience them in Japan!

Moreover, I got some chocolates shaped egg!
That tasted so good!

I had a good time in the camp!
I want to go camping again!

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Chinami's Pleasant Life in Sydney, AUS

Hi! I'm Chinami.

Today's temperature is 25℃! It's still hot in Australia.

On Tuesday, we went to Manly and City for the Sydney Challenge.

Sydney Challenge is school activity for us. We visited many places and saw things. It's Manlybeach. And several groups made a presentation for each place. After Manlybeach, we caught the ferry from Manly to City. I took it for the first time.

The view from the ferry was wonderful! And we visited Opera House and Harbour bridge. So, we walked walked and walked!! And I was tired. But I think it's very important for me to know about Australia.

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Honami's Friendly Canadian Life
Hi! I'm Honami.

I have already stayed in Canada for 2 months...Time passes so quickly.

I went to Band trip in BC from 7th to 10th! It takes 8hour to get to BC by bus.
We played "Whale Warrior" ,"Evensong" and "Psalm and Celebration".That was my first play the bass guitar at concert. So it was a valuable experience for me:)
Also we went to skiing! It was very exciting.

I made new friends on this trip. I learned that it is important for me to start a conversation wiz Canadian even if I cannot speak English well.
I wanna make a lot of friends! I'm going to try to talk wiz many people.


私は残念ながら貰えませんでしたが、三年になったら絶対皆勤賞もらいたいです  (^O^)

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Mio's Nail-biting Life in Sydney, AUS
Hello,I'm Mio and I'm in the Sydney.

I will talk about SRC camp.
Mizuki,Takara,Yuki,Genki and I are SRC members.
We went to the SRC camp  last week for 2 days to make friends each other ,build readership and make plan for a year.
There are 40 peoples in the SRC.SRC looks like a class reader.
1st day we did many activities.We did discussion in the group about why became SRC member and What do you want to do in the SRC and so on.

We learn about making a plan also.
All SRC members are participation in the discussion so I was surprised.
I couldn't understand everything inEnglish, but my new friends helped me!!
At night we watched the movie!(Night museum)
2nd day we did also activities.

My group made SRC rogo.Yuki tried to meke rodo then dicided Yuki's rogo!!
Yuki looks like happy:) haha
We had free time some times so I payed with ICET members and new friends.
We played Basketball,Soccer and tabletennis that was fun:)

I had a great time!

I want to make plans to make friends with ICET members and D.H.S students.
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Yuma's Daily Life in Sydney, AUS #2

Hi, Yuma, again!

I went to watch a dance performance for the dance elective class with some Davidson high school students and some ICET students. It was composed of two parts. The first part is original dance. The last part is original dance but it was like a comedy. So it was so fun.

I was surprised because it had a question time when the show finished.
And some people asked some questions. I wanted to ask a question.

And here are some pcitures from the farewell party for my host sister who will study abroad in Denmark.


Thank you for reading!

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